January 20 weekly horoscope

Love and Compatibility for January 20 Zodiac

The major planetary energy changes happening this week are:

Be ready for anything — and anyone. Cosmic activity in the most open and outgoing area of your chart will bring opportunities to get out into the world and have fun. No matter how tough the past few weeks have been you will make up for it now. The sun leaves your birth sign today but that does not mean that either your outlook or your ambitions must change. On the contrary, if you carry on as before you will find that your struggles are fewer and that life actually becomes easier.

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The sun moves into your sign today and a new solar year begins and all the cosmic indications suggest it is going to be a good one. Think big, act big and believe that the words you speak and the actions you take will make a lasting difference. You are now entering what promises to be the most inward-looking time of the year, a time when you retreat from the world to whatever extent is possible and get to grips with your deepest thoughts and feelings.

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Your Horoscope for the Week of January 21

Log out. These energies combined make this week perfect for organizing paperwork, focusing on tasks that require study or careful planning, opening or closing accounts, and addressing difficult but important topics that involve money like asking for a raise, talking to creditors, or setting a family budget. When the Sun enters Aquarius, it will stay in this sign until February 18th.

After a month of labor and hard work we now seek to change things up a move towards freedom of expression. This is a wonderful time to dig into learning, increasing your personal knowledge bank, adding or creating a home library. Taking a class or going places for leisure while exploring will bring an exciting element to the every day. We will find conversation more thoughtful and look to develop deeper connections with others through the arts, music, and socializing.

Aries, if you were born with a pioneering spirit, the start of this week begins with testing the waters in business and perhaps exploring new networking and business building opportunities.

Your weekly horoscope: July 22 - July 28, 12222

You may find yourself a bit curious about tasks associated with independent wealth building and maybe even taking a peek at the current crypto currencies to splurge if you're so moved. Your still with all planets to the above your zodiac sign which indicates thar personal image and career take center stage at this time. Your love life is still important to you, but with so much to do and so much winning happening right now, you will be focusing on your personal climb to the top.

Taurus, similar to the Ram, almost all planets are in the upper part of your zodiac sign which means that this week continues the same progression of career focus, but now with a little more digging in and perseverance. You may be looking for ways to add in things you neglected yourself on: working out, reading, etc. This is a great time to create a podcast listening list, get a workout partner, and maybe join an accountability group or program to help you stay on track with your goals.

Later this week, with a New Moon in Capricorn and a Sun entering Aquarius, work and play can come together nicely. Happy hour and business meeting, anyone? Suggested Reading: Unshakeable by Tony Robbins.

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Gemini, here we are Gemini, it's been quite a year already. You may still be dealing with some things, and yet for the most part, people are starting to notice you more than usual. You may find that you're being invited to more social activities, and although this is something you enjoy, you may not appreciate all the drama that can come with spending time with friends. This week and next you are laying the foundation to for love and changing the way you see the process of dating.

If you're single, now is a great time to be more open to the idea of getting to know others where there's mutual interest. Cancer, not everything has to made up of highs and lows. This week should be a fairly even keel one for you at home, work, and financially.

When the New Moon in Capricorn takes place. Then, you may feel a sense of focus more on financial planning including how to set the record straight with creditors, getting your self in a stronger financial position and start saving again. Try cooking at home more, and if you're someone who loves to spoil yourself with different food and restaurant experiences, maybe check out ways to cut costs there too by opting for specials and apps that promote meal deals and invite a friend to share the experience and split the bill.

Leo, this month there's a lunar eclipse that will impact your zodiac sign, but for now focusing on relationships is a smart thing to do. Although Leo pride often trumps all other needs, right now, it's time to be humble and kind.

Weekly Horoscope January 21st, 2019 Astrology Answers

Let go of things that are out of your hands. For example, if someone prefers to do something and it's not that big of an inconvenience for you to go with the flow You can begin to channel some of your personal needs toward self-presentation. Clear out the closet, get a makeup make over to try out a new look, and perhaps start the health club you've been thinking about joining.

Virgo, it's a great start to the new year, and now that things are finally slowing down from the holiday, you're back to the usual, only this time it's happier. Financial planning that you have started can help you to see that things in life may not be free, but they are meant to be enjoyed. You could be looking for new experiences and instead of buying items that are just beautiful, you can look for things that make life easier and happier, too.

This includes your friendships and relationship. You may want to have people around that make you feel good about the future. Libra, this month things take on a blend of business and pleasure. Perhaps your spouse or friends have started to change careers and you are also building your own career, too. Socializing comes easily this week, and this is where you shine brightest. January 20 individuals prefer to cultivate emotional friendships that last a lifetime.

They are sure of themselves yet value lessons that friends can teach them. They are broad-minded about love and sexuality but have a certain cynicism about romance. Not content to give up freedom early, they often marry late or not at all.

Your lookahead horoscope: January 20 - The Globe and Mail

Men and women born on January 20 prefer to maintain close contact with their family members. Siblings may be an especially important part of their life. People born on this date are very dutiful parents, though they have a tendency to be excessively strict with their children. They are careful to cultivate their youngsters' creative ambitions.

January 20 individuals have boundless physical energy. Their recipe for good health is a combination of positive thinking and practicality.

january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope
january 20 weekly horoscope January 20 weekly horoscope

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