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Certain cycles definitely point to the possibility of painful experiences at certain times in your life, such as accidents, money problems, divorce, and the like. In the same way, it foretells many positive events. However, numerology teaches us that at such times the person always has the opportunity to turn the course of events in his favor, or to let a beautiful opportunity slide by.

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It can indicate, for example, that a certain period of your life will be highly rewarding, a kind of payment for years of effort. It can be very accurate in such predictions.

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The rewards are comparable to the effort you have made. Little effort brings small rewards; great effort brings great rewards. In the same way, it reveals the sowing and the harvesting cycles of life. If you have sown seeds of selfishness and greed, you will experience a time of loss — financial loss, or the loss of support from others.

Your numerology chart reveals your potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, and your lessons to be learned. Every number in your numerology chart suggests potential strengths and weaknesses; all things have their light and dark sides. It is you freedom as an individual to draw from your highest potential,. A numerologist can have a good idea of which direction a person will likely move in, and how much of his potential he will use or abuse.

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This is known by considering the balance of a chart, or the spreading of energies; by far the biggest challenge even after many years of experience. Or, if you are up to it, dive in and learn numerology ; become a professional numerologist and perhaps start a numerology business.

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Birthday number 1: You are a pioneer, a gambler, and an initiator Learn more Birthday number 2: You are very sensitive, intuitive, and diplomatic Birthday number 3: You have a highly-developed creative talent Birthday number 4: You are a hard worker and a conscientious person Birthday number 5: You love change, travel and adventure Birthday number 6: You are the caretaker and family-oriented Birthday number 7: You possess a highly-developed mind Birthday number 8: You have a talent for business, and a good sense of money Birthday number 9: You are broad-minded, idealistic, and compassionate Birthday number You are highly ambitious and yearn for independence If you are born on February 12th, your zodiac sign is Aquarius.

While on the one hand you can be quite clever and resourceful, on the other hand you tend to be quite irrational.

12 तारीख के दिन जनमें लोगो का स्वभाव प्यार और करियर Numerology tips Secrets of Your Birth date

Instead, you are a stubborn idealist. It does not come as a shock that you become emotionally connected to your own personal world of ideas. Any attack on those ideas necessarily becomes an attack for you. While you can be an adaptable person and you can otherwise achieve a lot with your life, your stubbornness as far as your personal beliefs go is your main stumbling point.

The sooner you work on these is the sooner you will become more successful in all areas of your life.

Lovers born on the 12th of February take the time to process and share what they are feeling. You often think before you speak. As you can probably already know, the vast majority of relationships break up because people are thoughtless with their words. Words matter. Also, you never say anything unless you truly mean it.

You live by your heart and you take what you say seriously. This is why you make for a great romantic partner. In many cases, even if your partner is screwing around, abusing you, or doing all sorts of negative things, you still manage to find the strength to hang on. Those with a birthday on February 12 possess tremendous intuition, creativity, and personal brilliance. You always come to a meeting well-prepared. You always anticipate what other people would say.

You also expand a lot of the roles given you to truly bring them to life. You tend to subscribe to interesting ideas that people might find unorthodox, unconventional, or downright weird. You know that these ideals drive you forward. You gain a tremendous sense of calm, confidence, and power from them. At some point, you would have to pay attention to what other people consider objective reality and let it influence the beliefs that you choose to subscribe to. Otherwise, you might find yourself being driven by limiting beliefs, and this can have disastrous consequences as far as your relationships go.

That person will be your friend through good times and bad times, in sickness or in health, in poverty or richness. The last thing anybody can accuse February 12 people of is being a fair-weather friend. They will stick to their friends through thick or thin. They also are very brilliant people because they can muster the world of ideas and make things happen through their clever problem-solving. You tend to define things in such a absolute and extreme terms that you often find yourself in personal relationships that are not just unprofitable, but downright harmful.

You are very emotionally stubborn.

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