Horoscope horse and snake

2020 Chinese Horoscope for those born in the year of the Snake

Her sex appeal drives him crazy. He won't understand her moods or the aggression that appears when she doesn't get her way.

Quick facts about Snake

When this pairing consists of a Snake man and a Horse woman, she will appreciate his natural charm and finesse, while he loves her enthusiasm and daring. They can have a great social life. She is not as genteel as he is, which will eventually grate at him. She would rather be casual and he would prefer her dolled up and elegant. They will have problems agreeing on almost everything.

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Male Horse in Love. Female Snakes, a creature of emotions, value the feeling of being together most. If a Snake woman wants to be with you, you need to offer her a warm and comfortable environment free from too many trifles.


Snake and Horse Love Compatibility Horoscope

At the same time, women born in Snake years are kind, frank, pure and polite, longing for the warm and romantic love and wishing their loved ones can accept them without doing anything else. For them, the most terrible thing is cheating and they hope their men can be sincere and trustworthy. Female Snake in Love. Horse has an indomitable spirit and is always moving toward a goal.

Snake Man and Horse Woman Love

People born under the sign of the Horse are clever, active, energetic, quick-witted, fashionable, agile, popular among others and have the ability to persuade others. On the other side, they might be some selfish, arrogant and over-confident.

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Personality Traits for Male Horse. Snake is regarded to be pliable. Some of the positive characteristics of the people born in the year of the Snake are wise, discreet, agile, attractive and full of sympathy. On the other hand, there is a tendency for them to be lazy, greedy, arrogant and indulging in self-admiration. Personality Traits for Female Snake.

The Horse people usually could find the life goal from the dependence of Sheep.

Relationship Compatibility for the Snake

When staying with the Tigers, the Horses can be moved by their hospitality and attracted by them. Also, the people under the Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Pig, and Rooster signs are nice ones to be friends or partners with the Horse people. Besides, there will be conflicts for the Horses to contact with the Ox persons, as their personalities clash with each other.

Horse natives counting Money to Success - predictions Chinese Astrology 2019 Horoscope

When cooperate with the Rabbits, there will be many frictions for the Horses who usually lack patience. Also in love, they could understand each other completely. The Snake is the enigmatic seducer, charming your senses by their irrestitable beauty and inborn wisdom. Graceful and softspoken with excellent manners, most people are hopelessly in love with the snake. On the opposing side, once the Snake has found her partner in life she becomes jealous and possessive over him… EVEN if he no longer loves her.

Chinese Zodiac Animals: Snake - Character, Business & Relationship

He is determined to follow through with anything she undertakes getting his suitor to the bitter end even if it means lying and deceiving to get what she wants. This is a favorable year for the Snake. If you belong to this zodiac sign , use a Chi Lin to help you in your career, the Mandarin Ducks statues to have a successful love life and essential oils to protect your health. The best crystals for you are malachite and jasper. Do not take things for granted even though situation seems normal and routine.


Think twice and avoid making hasty decisions. Also, for some of you, the birth of a child will mark the realization of the most beautiful of projects. This idyllic ambience will have every chance of lasting for a long time. Spend on things that are most important or necessary, otherwise one will end up living in debt again. Otherwise both parties will suffer the consequence. There are other things, one could do to help besides caring and worrying.

horoscope horse and snake Horoscope horse and snake
horoscope horse and snake Horoscope horse and snake
horoscope horse and snake Horoscope horse and snake
horoscope horse and snake Horoscope horse and snake
horoscope horse and snake Horoscope horse and snake
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Horoscope horse and snake

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