October 27 weekly horoscope

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October 27 Birthday Horoscope

Beware of hot tempers on October 27, when fiery Mars squares stoic Saturn. Put your best face forward on October 30, when social Mercury conjuncts material Venus.

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This conjunction helps us to connect, and make good first impressions. Messenger Mercury goes retrograde on October 31, encouraging us to slow our thoughts and speech.

Love and Compatibility for October 27 Zodiac

Use this transit to reconfigure your frame of mind. This is the first-ever all-digital global march. The first study definitively linking vaping to cancer was published yesterday. Researchers at New York University found a link between e-cigarette nicotine.

October 27 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Tess Holliday is a model, blogger, and makeup artist who created the body positive movement effyourbeautystandards in Her latest project is a body-a. Paradoxically enough, your tendency for straight talk is exactly the same reason why those closest to you often feel the most hurt. In many cases, a lot of your most intimate romantic relationships die an early death because you say the wrong things at the wrong time. You have to allow yourself to live in the moment and simply be there for people.


Weekly Horoscope: October 27-November 2

Be a reassuring and calming presence. In many cases, it may only succeed in crushing them emotionally. As a Scorpio, you have very powerful attributes of this element. On the one hand, water can be very turbulent. While Mercury and Venus are locked in your personality, if people know you well enough they would know that these conflicting influences actually explain who you are.

As long as people understand the parameters of your personality, they can benefit tremendously from you and you can benefit from them as well.

Aquarius daily horoscope – October 27 2018

You should avoid: too much straight talk with people closest to you, championing losing causes, and expecting everybody else to be like you. Grey is a great color because it pretty much goes with every other color. It also has a cool, calming element to it.


Since it can be mixed with everything else, it can have tremendous influence. The luckiest numbers for those born on the 27 th of October are — 4, 7, 32, 48, and The intensity of emotions felt by people born on 27th October is as indicative of that legendary Scorpio star sign passion as anything else you might mention.

However, you have the wonderful energies of self-discipline and control that Scorpio is known for on your side too. In this regard, you have every opportunity to remain cool, calm and collected — feeling the feelings, yes, but not letting them dictate your course in life. You also are a very loyal and dedicated person. Make sure you pick the right causes.

October 27 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Merry and pleasant in company, imperious and relentless of character. They find fine arts appealing, often giving their whole life to them. Their inner harmony and subtlety impact their activity in life. They try to avoid turmoil and disasters, showing cleverness and cunning. A woman born on this day has a lot of masculinity to her and sometimes regrets not having been born a man in her youth. When she achieves inner development — she finds happiness in motherhood and caring for her family. She strives for power and control, which can be suppressed by nothing.

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  • When it comes to governing her household, she will not be removed from the front.

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