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Legacies season 2 cast: Who is Leo Howard? Who plays Ethan Mac? Baby season 2 Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the new series out? The I-Land on Netflix location: Where is it filmed? Where's it set? Riverdale season 4 cast: Who is Sam Witwer? Who plays Mr Chipping? Lucifer season 6: Will there be a Lucifer series 6? Game of Thrones: Was the final series that bad? Emmerdale: Why did Mandy Dingle leave? When does she return? Undone Amazon release date: When does it start? How many episodes? Have they split? This is the fashion industry just exploiting its power, showing that it can make people like anything.

I have a pair of butterscotch Danskos!

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Oh non! Pas les sabots! Pas toi Garance! So much conversation going on! Like it or not, hate it or love it…! Then there will be others hopefully MILLIONS of others who still want to wear sexy shoes, others still who want to wear comfortable shoes standing on a block of wood all day? No thank you! As a student I lived in clogs. Not fashion clogs, but old brown charity shop ones. Once you get used to them they are comfy. Mais les miens, pas a talon et pas de cheveux!!

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Clogs are just plain ugly, and not in the they-are-so-ugly-that-they-are-pretty way. I am joining the anti-clog forces! Garance I have these red patent leather clogs and they are so sweet i just know you wd love them. I cannot wait to see you in some, very soon, eating your words! Ok well I am sort of with you on this one Garance — HOWEVER, i do have a pair of Swedish designer funkus — they are cheap and cute, the leather is raw and they feel so good on your feet… I think the German in me is coming out!

I must declare my agreement with you — I hate clogs, too!!! They are ugly and ridiculous. Such a nice combination… but I know what you mean. I wear them but not with the wooden heel — the dansko types because I am a midwife. You are so right!! Of course I disliked so many trends when they first came out. Never say never, right?? Please be strong!!!


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And please wave your magic camera lens so that the snow will go away before this American Southerner arrives in New York next week. Few years ago was scholl sandles, now dutch clogs, whethe is an inspiration for the fashion designers or revival trendy fashion…. Oh Garance! I got them home and thought.. So I go online to get some ideas on how to style them, to see if they can be salvaged, and after a quick google image search, I headed straight over here to see if you had ever written anything about clogs… and this is what I found!

And mine have heels! You can hold out on this one Garance…. Clogs suck!

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What a divided audience! I looove clogs and have been wearing them for the last few years. They bring back memories of growing up in the 70s when the whole family wore them. At Christmas I got a shipment of three pairs of hasbeens — such glorious colours — the mustard is my favourite.

O dear!! Please resist!! Now they are poised to make a wider comeback I suppose. But then the Chanel clogs came and hypnotized me, bad clogs, and now I like them. I love clogs! One is Michael Kors brown leather with brass trim — pretty! Love from Buenos Aires! And, making things worse, it is winter so I am wearing them with socks! But, it makes me laugh.

Horoscope lili anne dubois

I just got back to Norway from Paris, and i was kinda dissapointed concerning the weather. I can see the problem of shooting floral dresses in a snowstorm. I saw a couple by the Eiffel tower who tried to take their wedding pictures in the rain! I just have to tell you that i envy you for living in Paris! I got to see Chanel and Balmain ect live!! It was a thrill! That was the best about the whole trip; walking down Avenue Montaigne and inside Printemps.

But, without the transformation of a great designer, clogs are really ugly, indeed.

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  • I thought I was the only one that thought clogs were hideous!! I wore them as a child, but never thought I would want to wear them again! We should start an anti-clog blog, hahah! I determinedly have stayed away from clogs-those Danskos that are so ugly. I want me some clogs and soon. Oo Et oh oui bien sur Garance tu craqueras car Mode oblige! I love all of them, especially the minimalist,black and white ones. They are all so beautiful! I also hate clogs. My mother wears Danskos almost every single day despite having a wide array of very beautiful flats and loafers.

    The last time i had a pair of clogs on was I was 7 years old. Umm, NO! So you know some of your folks who are swearing off clogs will be wearing them this summer. I am sure. For me? My vintage Dr. Wow Garance you started a firestorm. Just wait until Louis Vuitton collaborates with Crocs and all the starlets go running out to pay hundreds of dollars for flabby rubber shoes. Clogs belong with dirt gardeners or blood doctors on them.

    Picture that if you are ever tempted to wear clogs again! So sorry to disagree with most everyone. I have two pairs and everytime I wear them everyone asks where they are from. Most any shoe looks great if it is done correctly. I do agree that the designer versions are a bit ridiculous…. Clogs are okay for my sisters, who are nurses and are on their feet for 12 hours in a hospital. I agree with you for the most part Garance my darling… but there is something evil at work with clogs that somehow make you want them the way you would want Uggs and sweatpants… an evil, evil energy… lol!

    I knew a girl who walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon wearing clogs. Swedish girl, of course. Clogs are dead Long live the Clogs! By spring we all will by clogs and we will love it! Garance will look as fashionable as she is in those gorgeous new Clogs. Merci merci merci, et courage, ne succombe pas..

    I agree with those above me that only one thing is worse than clogs—Crocs. They are the ugliest thing to happen to fashion aside from the all-fur boots tucked into sweat pants. By the way, I always love your illustrations I am a fledgling illustrator as well as a model in Tokyo. But this post reminded me of when I was little. Merci pour toutes tes illustrations sublimes! I think I would happily wear clogs over…UGG boots! I would be a bit more exciting to see mustach clogs most of the year! White, pastels, prints, linens, florals and colorful, bold fashion is always in style like these pants here I like to wear color head to in Miami.

    Get up early for morning workout along the beach or art deco Collins Ave. Try all types of yoga and meditation throughout the island Elements for lunch or dinner — Sundays are best with the hippy party! Blue Marlin for early lunch sitting if you do not want to party hard! I find it simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting to follow the creative couple, Spencer Ostrander and Sophie Auster, on Instagram. To say that Julie Houts recently cleaned out her closet. I know this because our mutual friend, Madeline, recently My preferred mode of relaxation during the summer is time spent at the beach — any other travel just feels out of place for the season.

    Phillip Lim is such an inspiration to me. Not only do I love his clothes and the spirit of his brand, but I admire him greatly. Just saying the name Pat Cleveland is like opening a box of New York dreams to me. I first got in contact with Esther Perel through her fantastic, fun, and eye-opening Ted Talks.

    Prev Post. Next Post. What did I see? Oh but yes, that is the question. Just wait… Think about it at least two seconds! Style August Haze. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Summer Romance. Summer Scents. Strappy Sandals. Features On Slow Living…. Ugh… but it hurts :. I do remember. I wanted a pair so bad!!!

    Queenie Bee : A classic clog, I like. NOT on me, but I like. Have a nice day! I am already looking forward to tomorrow. Helen : Oooooh man. Julliete : Thank you! Leah : Seeee? Now there in the press! I tell you, 2 months and we want them. Plastic shoes. Makes wooden clogs look classy, IMO. I sure hope you can survive spring without them. Diane : Chez Zara?

    Oooooh no. Mathilde : merci! Madeleine : flowers : good idea! Oh no! Not clogs. Oh please. OH NO. Let me type that again… ugh I hate clogs. Jamais jamais jamais … sauf des getta japonaises tellement confortables! Sarah M. Je suis avec toi: contre, contre, contre le sabot! Ah non les sabots quelle horreur! Quelle horreur… mais on va bien se marrer! Bon ben mon comm passe pas…. Some things are meant to be seen and not worn.

    I will never be caught wearing a clog. It upsets me that i will now have to witness this trend being poorly translated onto the high street and we will have to look at even uglier shoes : Bisous xxx. Ne craque pas pour les sabots. Sois forte, Garance! I think you can make it through the summer without a pair :. Je veux des sabots! Et du soleil! I laugh at the crocs comments from Cameron.

    And agree with P re: Sweedish Hasbeens. Go Garance! Foto, foto, foto! Kisses Garance!

    Dictionary of pastellists before Index of Sitters

    I can SO relate! Say NO to the clogs Garance. Just say no. Emily L. I cannot believe that clogs is back! They are not at all in the same realm as Uggs and Crocs. Hold out, you know you can! Resist the urge! Oh and btw; i LOVE your blog! Thank goodness someone else agrees. Hateful piece of footwear.

    Disliked clogs from the moment I set my eyes on them. I do hate clogs, too — but i loooove love love that chart. Greetings from good old germany! All the best, Richard. Jadore le dessin!

    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois
    Horoscope lili anne dubois

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